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SeedFuel Featured on Channel 8

SeedFuel was recently featured on Channel 8’s Morning Express program, in a feature called, “Fresh from the Heart”.

The episode details SeedFuel’s past, present, and future goals toward upcycling food waste into delicious, healthy, and meaningful products. Check it out!

NatureSeed Buns now available on Urban Origins!

SeedFuel is proud to be partnering Urban Origins, a platform to promote Singapore’s best sustainable local foods (link below). You can find SeedFuel’s 100% Plant-based NatureSeed Buns–made with Mango Flour. These are the same buns that are found in the best burger joints in Singapore.

If you enjoy dabbling in baking, you can also find our Mango-Banana baking flour blend on the site.


Urban Origins | Choose sustainable local foods.