• Upcycling helps the planet
  • Upcycling helps people
  • Upcycling is delicious

Upcycling for Good

Since 2018, SeedFuel has been fuelling the circular economy by providing value-added goods that are upcycled from the by-products of the fruit-processing industry.

Knowledge is Power

News, recipes, tips, and techniques to help you 'Bake Your Best'

SeedFuel Featured on Channel 8

SeedFuel was recently featured on Channel 8's Morning Express program, in a feature called, "Fresh from the Heart". The episode details SeedFuel's past, present, and future goals toward upcycling food waste into delicious, healthy, and meaningful products. Check it out!...

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NatureSeed Buns now available on Urban Origins!

SeedFuel is proud to be partnering Urban Origins, a platform to promote Singapore's best sustainable local foods (link below). You can find SeedFuel's 100% Plant-based NatureSeed Buns--made with Mango Flour. These are the same buns that are found in the...

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Easy, Sustainable French-Style Bread

A sustainable twist on a classic bread that uses upcycled flours and minimal equipment and work This one is a great introduction to baking for complete beginners, but at the same time, even experienced bakers will marvel at the results-to-work...

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